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Sister Elizabeth Neal
A testimony is a story that is told that contains nothing but the truth. A testimony is just a tale if there is no truth in it. The truth as I have come to know it, is that Jesus is Our Saviour. My testimony begins with meeting Jesus face to face, and my time on this earth will end, with meeting Him face to face. My testimony has already been written by Him, for he is the Author and Finisher. I prayed at an altar one day, that if everything I had been told was true, that I was ready to accept it, to accept Him, and to accept my every promise that he secured for me in death. I felt a wave wash over my body, and I fell to the floor. When I hit the ground, my hair clip broke and dug into my scalp, I felt short of breath from the shock and the pain, and when I did breathe in again, I breathed in a new life. When I opened my eyes as I took in that breath, I saw the Lord before me. Smiling and radiant. I breathed in his spirit in that moment. I took into me, every sacrifice He made for me. I took into myself the glory that I have been promised, I allowed myself to be baptized with Holy Ghost. I have cried often in my life, but the tears on my face that day were the most glorious feeling. Pure joy was on my skin. Pure and utter joy was on my face. My Lord and Saviour did not come to me then, He showed me in his smile, He was already there, just waiting for me. He lingered for just seconds, but He said so much, without a single word spoken. He said that He was always there, always smiling down on me, and now that I knew it, it was pure joy for Him as well. Share joy in the Lord. Share joy with the Lord. Share joy of the Lord with me, until we see Him, face to face.
Darrell Hall
I have a friend who was in church for many years. For the past 3 years or so, she has been away from church. The other night I was visiting her and her family. Her children were crossing the street to goto lessons they were taking. The first child crossed with no problems, the second child was a few minutes behind the first. When she crossed the road she failed to look for cars. There was a car coming down the road at a very high rate of speed. The car hit its brakes and skidded for approx 75 feet before coming to a stop and just missing the child. I thank Jesus that he still watches over us, even though we may not be where we should be. Later my friend told me about waking up praying in tounges and how she was thankful she was still able to feel Jesus. I told her while she may not be where she needs to be with God, Jesus still watches over her and her family. I just wanted to thank Jesus for protecting this child.
Sister Bonnie Bertram
One year ago today my husband of 30 years passed on. As I sit here with tears running down my face and body shaking with sobs from missing and loving him I want to thank the Lord for his goodness and mercy on Jerry and myself. The Lord has reminded me today that Jerry was at his best when he pased. You see just 6 months before the Lord led him back home. Jerry had been backslid for more than 20 years and the Lord still loved him and forgave him. The Lord knew the time but we didn't I am just so thankful that when the Lord called Jerry accepted. Even though I miss him and still love him I know he was serving the Lord when he passed on. The Lord was on time as usual and he leaves it up to us to either accept or reject him. Thank you Jesus for waiting on Jerry. We had been to the doctor on Tuesday and everything seemed to be fine and then Thursday evening he went in to shower and never came out. The valve in his heart burst and he was gone. The doctor said Jerry didn't feel a thing and was dead before he hit the floor. In the twinkle of an eye and he was gone. No warning or anything laughing and singing as he went into the shower and never coming out. Since then we've had 7 family members baptised in Jesus name and 3 receiving the Holy Ghost. Jerry found his way back to the Lord as so did our daughter Terri and also Richard McGahan and Heather Hall. Many family members and friends have visited the church and have heard the word of God. Thank You Jesus for saving my husband and everyone else that has come to know you. You were there just in time for us. You knew it was Jerry's time and praise God he accepted you in his heart. Even though I shed many tears and miss Jerry and still love him I am Thankful you waited on him. In a twinkle of an eye he was gone. In a twinkle of an eye he was forgiven. Thank You Jesus for all you are.Thank you for your goodness and mercy.
sister Bonnie Bertram
I want to praise the Lord and thank him for his goodness and mercy on me. On August 10,2007 Tylar then almost 20 months old and I kissed his mommy and my granddaughter goodbye for the last time. Not knowing that her life was to be taken against her will. Amber didn't come home that night or the next day and when no phone call came I knew something bad was wrong. When I tried to report her missing with her being 21 I had to wait a week. because she was of legal age. During that time family members got together and we first started a door knocking and phone calling search of Amber. We went to drug dealers, prostitutes, searched abondened houses, searched wooded areas the river, peach orchard hill and any place we thought possible. We made flyers and placed them throughout the city and county and even sent them with truck drivers to carry throughout the Eastern border and the states from Florida thru New York. We had help from the news media newapapers, radio and t.v. and no matter where we looked or how hard we tried we could not find her. We wore Where's Amber tee shirts everywhere we went had vigils and shed our tears looking for her. Finally broken hearted and fearing the worst and not being able to find her. In February I put her on the alter and turned her over to the Lord and prayed oh please Lord I've done all I can do and cannot find her.This is an impossible mission. We have searched everywhere exhausted all our options it's been over 7 months and still I cannot find my baby. Please Lord only you can do the impossible . Please Lord she is yours and I give her to you. With tears streaming down my face and a heavy heart I knew only THE LORD COULD FIND HER. On her birthday April 7th 2008 after about 6 weeks of turning her over to the Lord we were having another vigil for Amber at Tracey Park. Detective Charles was late getting there and I was not to understand why until the next day. They had found her remains in the forest. God led them to her on her birthday. Coincidence no I don't think so it was Gods way of letting us know HE HAD FOUND HER. It was not the way we would have wanted it but God answered my prayers. On our daughters birthday June 23rd the detectives came to our home to tell us the forensics came back and the remains were identified as Amber. At Ambers funeral July 2,2008 our prayer was to let it be known who murdered her. Tylar now 2 1/2 years old needed answers and we prayed let all be known as to what had happened to his mommy. The Lord knowing all continued his work all was being revealed and all the detectives and everyone involved could not believe how all this was being revealed and knew only the Lord could unravel all these details. On Tylars 4th birthday the man responsible for this was indicted for the murder of Amber and her baby. He always lets us know that he still has it all. He is doing his work and on birthdays and anniversaries he reveals to us that he still has this and is still working. Mine and my husband anniversary was February 15th this year {he had already passed on} another message from the Lord. This man had been transfered to a maximum prision for something else he had done. We are now in pre-trials until the actual trial begins.But I know all will be revealed and the Lord and only the Lord has answered our prayers.I want to praise him and thank him for all he has done for me. Without the Lord this man would still be on the streets to murder again.Thank you Jesus for taking him off the streets so he cannot do this to someone elses little girl or mommy. Tylar does not understand today but someday he will and thank you for giving us the answers for Tylar. We love you Lord and praise you for all you do.Thank You Jesus. Thank You.
Sister Bonnie Bertram
I want to thank the Lord for his goodness and mercy on me. The Lord kept his hand on me for the 20 years while I was backslid. During that time I had visited some churches but could not find home. But being the Lord he is he sent his angels for me. He put me in Sister Hammond\'s path and her being obedient to the Lord and sensitive to the Holy Ghost found me in KMart and let me know she loved me and so does the Lord. Well this happened a couple of times and it got to were I was looking forward to seeing Sister Kaye there. During this time my granddaughter {Amber Howard} had been missing. We last seen her on August 10th 2007. I was so hurt and depressed that I had considered suicide. The Lord then placed our family on both Brother and Sister Hammonds hearts and they both genuinelly concerned had called to make sure we were alright and invited us to church.Sometime in October I visited THE FIRST APOSTOLIC CHURCH AND FOUND HOME. The spirit that fell on me when I first walked in was overwhelming but I knew the Lord had brought me home. The love in this church and all the people is truly sincere and everyone cares about each other. You see I was not only hurting from my granddaughter missing but was ashamed and felt that I could not be forgiven for being disobedient to the Lord and felt undeserving to even walk into church. What would people think of me??? I was working in a bar and was not deserving of anyones forgiveness. BUT THEN THE LORD GAVE ME A NEW CHURCH family that loved me for who I am today and not who I was. If I can be forgiven anyone can be forgiven. If I can be loved anyone can be loved. The Lord kept his hands on me and waited on me. He called and I answered. All I had to do was accept his call and he immediately forgave me. I am so thankful for that and everytime The Lords name is mentioned I well up with tears od thankfullness because I of all people was not deserving. THANK YOU JESUS FOR LOVING ME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS . If Sister Hammond had not been obedient to the Lord where would I be now ? Lost and at the bottom of the River???????? Thank you Sister Kaye for your faith, obedience and sensitivity. Forever grateful
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